December 28, 2016

Metering Cubicle

Industrial metering panels are used for the controlling of the incoming power supply voltage and its distribution among the other appliances in the industry in most appropriate and desirable manner. These are provided with auto sensing and intelligence technologies to make its work more efficient and reliable.


  • Used for Indoor/Outdoor Installations and completely sealable in order to prevent power theft.
  • Mainly used for AMR Systems
  • Dry type resin cast CTs and PTs are used
  • this being a compact unit is easy to handle
  • Less in weight in weight and volume as compared to 5/6 single phase units

Technical  Specifications:

General Particulars

Nominal System Voltage11 KV
Highest System Voltage12 KV
Insulation level12 KV
Standard Impulse with stand voltage75 KV
HV Power freq. withstand volt. for Primary Winding 1 Min28 KV
HV Power freq. withstand volt. for Secondary Winding 1 Min3 KV
PD measuring voltage7.6 KV
Rated Frequency (Hz)50 Hz

Current Transformer

Rated Burden2.5 to 25 VA
Rated Primary Current (Amp)2.5 Amp to 800 Amp
Rated Secondary Current (Amp)1 Amp to 5 Amp
Rated Short Time Thermal Current3 KA to 25 KA for 1/3 second

Potential Transformer

Rated Burden10 to 100 VA
Rated Primary Voltage11 KV
Rated Secondary Voltage110 volt
Rated Voltage factor1.2 cont. & 1.5 for 30 second