December 28, 2016

Compact Substation

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in this domain, we are offering a high quality compact substation which has compact and sturdy design to save space. It is pre-fabricated secondary sub station containing, distribution transformer, medium voltage switch gear, low voltage switch board, connections and associated equipments in a compact unit. All components are housed an enclosure, which protects the equipment from environment hazards and unauthorised access. The electrical equipment is cooled by natural ventilation through openings in the sub station. It is designed in accordance with IEC-61330 standards. The Compact Substation is computerised with suitable medium voltage, low voltage sections and transformer section with separate doors for each compartment.


  • Compact and sturdy design to save space
  • Flexibility in selecting the required LV and HV equipment
  • Standard design and construction reduces turnaround time
  • Properly designed Earthing system